Kasich 2000 
Headquarters: 499 South Capitol Street, N.W., Suite 2000  Washington, DC  20003 (started in Suite 506A, moved to 2000 in April 1999)
Ohio Office: 2021 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Suite 2000, Columbus, OH  43229

- pre-campaign organization: Pioneer PAC founded Dec. 1996
- exploratory committee formed Jan. 13, 1999
- announced end of exploratory effort on July 14, 1999

Manager Karen Johnson
Executive director of Kasich's Pioneer PAC from April 8, 1998, previously deputy chief of staff for RNC co-chair Pat Harrison and the RNC's director of political education and training; communications director for former RNC co-chair Evelyn McPhail; director of media relations for C-SPAN.

Communications Director Ed Gillespie
President of Policy Impact Communications (PIC), a firm he and former RNC chair Haley Barbour formed in 1996.  Served as RNC director of communications and congressional affairs, and prior to that was House Majority Leader Dick Armey's policy and communications director.

Deputy Communications Director Duke Hipp
Handled press duties for Pioneer PAC, Kasich's leadership PAC from June 1998.  Southern regional field coordinator for the RNC.

Press Secretary D. Todd Harris
(From Jan. 1999) Was deputy press secretary for the NRCC; much experience in California politics. Communications director for San Diego Mayor Susan Golding's campaign for U.S. Senate, press secretary for Golding in the Mayor's office. Campaign press secretary for Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan's 1997 reelection campaign.  Did California media for the Dole-Kemp campaign.  Press secretary for the California Republican Party.

Senior Advisor (strategist)  Don Fierce
Founder of Fierce and Isakowitz, a government consulting and public relations firm.  Served as RNC's director of strategic planning and congressional affairs in 1993 and helped develop and implement the plan to regain control of the House and Senate in 1994.

Finance Director  Tim Fermoile 
Partner, on leave, in the DC consulting firm, the Mahoney Group, which does finance for groups such as Tom DeLay's ARMPAC.

Deputy Finance Director Jeanette Corcoran

Director of Scheduling and Advance Wilma Goldstein
A Michigan native, Goldstein has served as deputy campaign director at the NRCC, responsible for survey research, education and training, and previously as director of survey research at the RNC.

Director of Advance/Logistics Chris Singerling
Worked at Pioneer PAC since it was founded; previously with Tom Delay's ARMPAC.

National Political Coordinator Ed Pucerella
With Pioneer PAC since early 1998.

Comptroller  Kim Boyer
(from April 1) Administration, accounting.

Pollster Ed Goeas
President and CEO of the Tarrance Group.

Communications Strategist Chuck Greener
General Manager of the Washington office of Porter  Novelli.  Served for more than two years as director of communications for the Republican National Committee, where he developed the communications strategy that helped lead to GOP wins in 1994.

Senior Internet Strategist Mark Kvamme 
Chairman of the board of directors of USWeb/CKS, one of the largest internet professional services companies.

Deputy Internet Strategist Greg Trangmoe
Earlier ran a non-connected Kasich site, Caring about America 2000 (CA2K), in 1997-98, helps engineer the site. 

National Finance Co-chair James Rappaport
From Boston, former chairman of the Massachusetts state GOP and 1990 U.S. Senate nominee

Rappaport estimated that 65-70 percent of money came from Ohio, Massachusetts and California.

Legal Mark Braden


Office: 3913 Ingersoll Ave  Des Moines
Iowa Campaign Director Karen Slifka
(Announced Jan. 28, 1999) Served as campaign manager for Larry McKibben's 1998 campaign for Iowa's 3rd congressional district.  Other experience includes AA to Iowa State Senate Majority Leader Stewart Iverson; deputy political director for the Republican Party of Iowa in 1996; and work for Rep. Jim Nussle (R-IA).

Regional Field Directors
Slater Bayliss (SE) from Cedar Rapids; went to Univ. of Iowa (Iowa City); interned on Jeb Bush's 1998 gubernatorial campaign.

Delores (Dee) Byerly (NW) from Mason City.  Worked on the field staff of Jim Lightfoot's 1998 gubernatorial campaign.

Matt Loney (NE, worked out of Des Moines) organization director for McKibben's congressional campaign, heard Kasich at First in the Nation, and met him when Kasich campaigned for McKibben.

Curtis Varley (W and S) father was Speaker of the House in the 1970s.

Grant Young (S and E, took over some counties from Slater Bayliss) from Jewell (Hamilton County).

{Note: Although Kasich endorsed Bush upon withdrawing in July, Slifka, Byerly and Loney joined Forbes 2000--announced Aug. 10}

New Hampshire
Office: 136 North Main Street, Suite 8  Concord
New Hampshire State Director  Bruce Berke
(Announced Jan. 28, 1999 as New Hampshire advisor) President of Capitol Consultants of New Hampshire.  Campaign manager for Charlie Bass in 1994, and chaired Bass' 1996 re-election campaign.  Extensive experience on New Hampshire primary campaigns: Baker '80, Reagan '84, Dole '88, Bush '92, and Dole '96.

New Hampshire Field Director  Hap Hinman
Second term state rep. from Plymouth.

New Hampshire Press Secretary Jennifer Martin
(started June 14, 1999) Weekend morning anchor at WMUR-TV for the past five years.

Fundraising Consultant  Marc DeCourcey
From Boston, came up to help several days a week.

New Hampshire State Chairman State Sen. Carl Johnson
(announced May 14, 1999) Of Meredith, Republican Leader in the NH State Senate.  In his third term in the State Senate; served two terms in the House.  Retired small business owner.

Ohio Political and Finance Director
Tod Bowen

Ohio Staff Assistants
Jai Chabria
Ben Kanzeg
Brian Quintenz

Fundraising Consultants Jim Coleman
Eric Sagan

Treasurer William Curliss

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