Republican Presidential Debate
Friday Jan. 7, 2000 in the former Lowe's Hardware Building in Lexington (West Columbia) SC, in conjunction with the South Carolina Republican Party's Silver Elephant Banquet.  8:00-9:00 p.m. (EST). 

"Bush Dodges Confederate Flag Issue in South Carolina" (Washington Post)

"Hopefuls take aim at McCain" (Washington Times)

Washington Post--Front page teaser  with photo; article and photo on page A7.  The front page teaser, "Bush Dodges Flag Question," is below the fold, under an article "Gore Clarifies Position on Gays."  The teaser photo, by Win McNamee--Reuters, is a side shot looking down the line of candidates; one sees an unidentified candidate's arm and hand in the foreground, Steve Forbes' forehead, and the heads of Bush, Bauer and McCain (w 1 7/8" x h 2 1/4").  The article, by the Post's Terry M. Neal, appears on page A7 under the headline "Bush Dodges Confederate Flag Issue in South Carolina" and the subhead "GOP Hopefuls Debate Before Spirited 3,000."  The accompanying photo, by Roberto Schmidt--Agence France-Presse, is a somewhat strange medium shot of Bauer and Bush before the debate (it looks as if Bush is talking to someone who has been cropped out of the photo or as if he is yelling in Bauer's ear) (w 3 3/4" x h 2 1/2").  The adjacent page, A6, has a full page of campaign coverage.

Washington Times--Small article in the lower left corner of the front page; continuation with photo on page A4.  The article, by the Times' Sean Scully, has the headline "Hopefuls take aim at McCain" and the sub head "Key Southern state site of debate attack."  On page A4, the article continues under an AP photo, a medium shot, showing McCain, Bauer and Bush behind podiums laughing (probably a shot from before the debate) (w 4 1/8" x h 2 7/8")

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