First in the Nation: The New Hampshire Debates (Democrats)
Wednesday Jan. 26, 2000 at WMUR-TV's studio in Manchester, NH.  9:00-10:00 p.m. (EST). 

News organizations faced the challenge of reporting on two debates held the same evening.

"Both Dems on attack in last debate before primary" (USA Today)

"Two Democrats Fire Broadsides In Testy Debate" (New York Times)

"Harsh Words Fly Between Democrats" (Washington Post)

USA Today--A general summary article "Candidates get personal as N.H. nears" by USA Today's Judy Keen and Richard Benedetto ran on page 1A.  The article on the Democratic debate ran across the top third of page 8A and included two photos.  Written by USA Today's Martin Kasindorf and Jill Lawrence, the article carried the headline "Both Dems on attack in last debate before primary."  The two photos were a medium wide shot by Jim Bourg, Reuters showed Bradley getting make-up before the debate and medium shot, Pool photo by Luke Frazza, of Gore with Tipper and two daughters after the debate.  Note that the article on the Republican debate ran immediately opposite on page 9A. 
Page 8A article including 2 photos: X sq" [7 col--6 1/4" x X"]
Photo 1: 17.938 sq" [2 col--h 5 1/8" x w 3 1/2"]
Photo 2: 11.375 sq" [2 col--h 3 1/4" x w 3 1/2"]

New York Times--Page one article, but no front page photo.  The article, by the Times' Adam Clymer, is a single column headlined "Two Democrats Fire Broadsides In Testy Debate."  Inside the paper had 2 1/2 pages of campaign coverage; reporting on the Democratic debate ran on page A19.  The top third of page A19 is a continuation of the Clymer article under the headline "2 Democrats Trade Blows In Course of Testy Debate."  This includes a Paul Hosefros/New York Times photo showing Gore walking to the debate with supporters.  The middle third of the page is Excerpts in five columns.  On the bottom part of the page is a photo by Keith Meyers/The New York Times showing Bradley campaign workers watching the debate.  There is also a general article on Bradley's day by Adam Nagourney "Bradley in Quandry: To Attack Gore or Not."
Page A1 article: [1 col--8 5/8" x
Page A19 continuation including photo (Hosefros): [6 col--
Photo (Hosefros): 35.86 sq" [4 col--h 4 1/4" x w 8 7/16"]
Excerpts: [5 col- 4 3/8" x  ]
Photo (Meyers): 26.17 sq" [3 col--h 4 3/16" x w 6 1/4"]

Washington Post--Articles on both the Democratic and Republican debates ran on the front page, in the left column; the account of the Democratic debate was on top, and the report of the Republican debate directly underneath.  The article on the Democratic debate, by the Post's David S. Broder and Mike Allen, carried the headline "Harsh Words Fly Between Democrats" and the subhead "Bradley Uses N.H. Debate To Attack Gore's Credibility."  The article continues on the bottom part of page A6 under the headline "Democrats Exchange Harsh Words."  Above the article is a photo, Pool Photo via Reuters, a medium shot showing Gore and Bradley during the debate; both are gesturing.  Above this there was a piece by the Post's David Von Drehle which provided a big picture, contextual look at the two debates "Bank Shots and Bare Fists."
Page A1 article: 19.03 sq" [1 col--7 1/4" x 2 5/8"}
Page A6 continuation including photo:[3 col--9 13/16" x 5 3/4"
Photo: 10.48 sq" [2 col--h 2 3/4" x w 3 13/16"]

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