First in the Nation: The New Hampshire Debates (Republicans)
Wednesday Jan. 26, 2000 at WMUR-TV's studio in Manchester, NH.  7:00-8:30 p.m. (EST). 

News organizations faced the challenge of reporting on two debates held the same evening.

"Genteel veneer dissolves in testiest GOP debate yet" (USA Today)

"Forbes Challenges Bush On His Record in Texas" (New York Times)

"Chief GOP Rivals Battle On Tax Plans" (Washington Post)

USA Today--A general summary article "Candidates get personal as N.H. nears" by USA Today's Judy Keen and Richard Benedetto ran on page 1A.  The article on the Republican debate ran across the top third of page 9A and included two photos.  Written by USA Today's Judy Keen and Richard Benedetto, the article carried the headline "Genteel veneer disolves in testiest GOP debate yet."  The two photos, both by Rick Wilking, Reuters, are a medium shot of Bush and McCain after the debate and a wide shot showing the five candidates at their podiums.  Note that the article on the Democratic debate ran immediately opposite on page 8A.
Page 9A article including 2 photos: X sq" [7 col--6 1/4" x X"]
Photo 1: 14.22 sq" [2 col--h 4 1/16" x w 3 1/2"]
Photo 2: 7.22 sq" [2 col--h 2 1/16" x w 3 1/2"]

New York Times--The Times ran the article on the Democratic debate on the front page and put a teaser for the Republican debate at the bottom of that article; "Attack on Two Fronts" referred readers to page A18.  Overall, the day's paper had 2 1/2 pages of campaign coverage; reporting on the Republican debate on page A18 consists of the main article including a large photo and Excerpts. The article is headlined "Forbes Challenges Bush On His Record in Texas" and subheaded "McCain Also Attacks Rival at Final Debate."  The photo by Stephen Crowley/The New York Times shows Bush and McCain shaking hands before the debate with Bauer in the foreground.  Excerpts extends over five columns.
Page A1 teaser: X sq" [1 col--1 1/4" x X"] 
Page A18 article including photo: X sq" [5 col--9 5/16" x X"]
Photo alone: 40.63 sq" [3 col--h 6 1/2" x w 6 1/4"]
Excerpts: X sq" [4 col at 3 9/16" x X" and 1 col at 10" x X"]

Washington Post--Articles on both the Democratic and Republican debates ran on the front page, in the left column; the account of the Democratic debate was on top, and the report of the Republican debate directly underneath.  The article on the Republican debate, by the Post's Dan Balz and Ceci Connally, was headlined "Chief GOP Rivals Battle On Tax Plans" with the subhead "McCain and Bush Trade Charges in Lively Forum."  The article continued on page A8 where it ran in two columns extending from the top to the bottom of the page, including a photo at the top.  The photo, Pool Photo via Associated Press, showed Bauer, McCain and Bush.  The article (continuation) headline read "Bush, McCain Trade Charges in N.H. Forum."  Also note that on page A6, where the report on the Democratic debate ran, there was a piece by the Post's David Von Drehle which provided a big picture, contextual look at the two debates "Bank Shots and Bare Fists."
Page A1: 17.55 sq" [1 col--6 11/16" x 2 5/8"] 
Page A8 including photo: 77.20 sq" [2 col -- 20 1/4" x 3 13/16"]
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