"Republican Presidential Forum"
Friday Oct. 22, 1999 at New Hampshire Public Television studio in Durham, NH.  7:00-8:00 p.m. (EST). 

"5 G.O.P. Hopefuls Kick Off Debates" (New York Times)

"At GOP Debate, a Unified Blast at Bush" (Washington Post)

"Clinton foreign policy assailed" (Washington Times)

"Front-runner is missed in GOP debate" (Boston Globe)

"Bush Is No-Show, and Non-Issue, in First GOP Presidential Debate of the Season"
(Los Angeles Times)

"GOP hopefuls spar over trade" (Union Leader--Manchester, NH)

New York Times--Article and photo run across the top one-third of page A11.  The article, by the Times' Richard L. Berke, has the headline "5 G.O.P. Hopefuls Kick Off Debates" and the subhead "They Attack the President but Largely Ignore an Absent Bush."  The Associated Press photo shows the five candidates (McCain, Bauer, Hatch, Forbes and Keyes) standing together in a posed shot.
Article including photo: 87.66 sq" [6 col--6 7/8" x 12 3/4"]
Photo alone: 28.01 sq" [3 col--h 4 7/16" x w 6 5/16"]

Washington Post--Article by the Post's Terry M. Neal on page A8, no photo.  Headline "At GOP Debate, a Unified Blast at Bush" and subhead "Rivals Attack His Absence at New Hampshire Event but Differ on Little Else."
Article: 52.53 sq" [3 col--7 7/16" x 7 1/16"]

Washington Times--Article and photo on page A2.  The article, by Joseph Daniel McCool, Special to the Washington Times ("Associated Press reports were used in this article") is headlined "Clinton foreign policy assailed" and has the subhead "5 GOP presidential hopefuls cite failures in N.H. debate."  The AP photo, a medium shot, shows McCain speaking and Forbes and Keyes looking on.
Article including photo: 68.65 sq" [3 col--10 7/8" x 6 5/16"]
Photo alone: 25.64 sq" [3 col--h 4 1/16" x w 6 5/16"]

Boston Globe--Article by the Globe's Jill Zuckman on page A4, no photo.  Headline "Front-runner is missed in GOP debate."  (Directly below the article is another article by Zuckman "Bush defends record in N.H." with a photo of Bush campaigning in Newport, New Hampshire).

Los Angeles Times--Article by the Times' Elizabeth Mehren on page A12, no photo.  The article, headlined "Bush Is No-Show, and Non-Issue, in First GOP Presidential Debate of the Season," ran on the top half of the page in the three leftmost columns; a couple of ads fill the rest of the page. 

Union Leader (Manchester)--Two front page articles and a front page photo.  The color AP photo shows McCain speaking as Forbes and Keyes look on.  The lead article, by the Union Leader's Mark Hayward, is headlined "GOP hopefuls spar over trade;" the second article, below the photo, is by an unidentified writer and has the headline "Debate was culmination of four years' work."  Both articles continue on page A8, where the continuation of the lead article is accompanied by a Bob LaPree/Union Leader photo showing supporters rallying outside the debate site.  A third article on page A8 is by the Union Leader's D. Allan Kerr and Jerry Miller and has the headline "Candidates target Bush off camera."  (Also on page A8 is an article "Bush tours southwest NH touting compassionate vision" with a photo of Bush campaigning in Keene). 

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