"First in the Nation: A New Hampshire Town Meeting" (Republicans)
Thursday Oct. 28, 1999 at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.  7:30-9 p.m. (EST). 

"GOP candidates, minus Bush, showcase views" (USA Today)

"5 G.O.P Candidates Gather for Talk but Little Sparring" (New York Times)

"Absent Bush, GOP Rivals Aim to Stand Out" (Washington Post)

"GOP contenders square off in N.H." (Washington Times)

"GOP Forum Is Another Missing-Man Formation" (Los Angeles Times)

"Flat tax idea a big winner in GOP debate"  (Union Leader--Manchester, NH)

"Lower Taxes, Better Schools" (Valley News--Lebanon, NH--the local paper)

USA Today--No front page appearance.  Debate article and photo are on page 10A, which has other political stories including one which intrudes.  Article, headlined "GOP candidates, minus Bush, showcase views" and subheaded "Front-runner skips latest N.H. forum" is by USA Today's Jill Lawrence.  Photo by Luke Frazza, Agence France-Presse, is a medium wide shot that shows the five candidates posing before the debate and audience in the background.
Article including photo: 82.83 sq" [7 col--5 col @ 8" x 8 15/16" and 2 col @ 3 1/8" x 3 5/8"]
Photo alone: 35.63 sq" [4 col--h 5" x w 7 1/8"]

New York Times--Front page article, but no front page photo.  The article, by the Times' Richard L. Berke with Melinda Henneberger, is headlined "5 G.O.P. Candidates Gather for Talk but Little Sparring" and continues on page A20.  On page A20 the bottom two-thirds of the page has debate coverage.  The article continuation, headlined "5 G.O.P. Presidential Candidates Gather for Some Talk but Little Sparring" is accompanied by a very wide shot showing the five candidates and audience in the background; Forbes is standing talking and the other four candidates are seated on stools (Pool Photograph by John Mottern) and Excerpts consisting of one question and answer from each candidate. 
Article including photo: 75.92 sq" [5 col--7 3/16" x 10 9/16"]
Photo alone: 28.01 sq" [3 col--h 4 7/16" x w 6 5/16"]
Excerpts: 72.16 sq" [5 col--5 11/16" x 12 11/16"]

Washington Post--Article by the Post's Dan Balz on the bottom of page A8, no photo.  Headline reads "Absent Bush, GOP Rivals Aim to Stand Out" and the subhead is "Five Attend N.H. Forum; 'Sorry I'm Not There,' Texas Governor Tells Voters on TV."  (The top two-thirds of page A8 had a couple of election related photos, both with photos; there was also a small box with a look at viewership numbers for the Democratic forum).
An Oct. 30 (Saturday) edition of the Post also had the Balz piece on page A8, with a teaser photo on the front page below the fold ("Inside"--the photo, by Jim Bourg of Reuters, showed Hatch, McCain speaking, and Keyes).

Washington Times--Front page article by the Times' Bill Sammon headlined "GOP contenders square off in N.H."; subhead "Forbes assails Bush for skipping event."  Article continues on page A14, where there is another Sammon article "Bush apologizes for missing debate, but wife comes first."  Two black and white AP photos accompany the continuation of the front page article--a large medium-close-up shot showing the five candidates joining hands before the forum and a smaller photo of Joe Bramante holding a "Where's Chicken George?" sign.

Los Angeles Times--No front page appearance.  The debate was the lead item in "The Top of Today's News" summary on page A2, where it included a small photo and a blurb.  The photo, by Reuters, was a medium wide shot showing McCain on the set apparently talking with members of the audience before the event.  The article itself, by the Times' Anne-Marie O'Connor, ran across the top part of page A16 under the headline "GOP Forum Is Another Missing-Man Formation."  (There was also a rather lengthy subhead.).

Note: The big story in the New Hampshire media on Oct. 29 was the NH House's vote against an income tax.
Union Leader (Manchester, NH)--Small, inconspicuous article in the lower right corner of the front page by the Union Leader's Mark Hayward; headline "Flat tax idea a big winner in GOP debate."  The article continued on page A20 along with two other articles.  Across the top of the page was "Bush puts wife ahead of politics in missing NH forum" (from Staff and Wire Reports); lower down were an AP story "Debate notes: More candidates, less excitement" and another article "Forum seats distributed on a lottery basis."  No photos at all.

Valley News (Lebanon, NH--the local paper)--The front page has three town meeting articles and two color photos filling about half the page.  Coverage continues on page A6 with a full page including two black and white photos.  On the front page, under the header "Lower Taxes, Better Schools" is a shot showing the five candidates before the forum (Hatch, McCain, Keyes, Bauer and Forbes) by the Valley News' Amy Thompson and a smaller photo showing the debate chicken and a Keyes supporter by the Valley News' Jennifer Hauck.  The articles are "Republican Contenders Square Off" by the Washington Post's Dan Balz, an "Analysis" piece by the Valley News' John Pierson "If Bush Attended, He Would Have..." and an article "Empty Seats in Audience, Too" by the Valley News' Jim Kenyon and Alex Leary.  On the inside page, in addition to the continuations are two other articles "Economic Impact Reports Are Mixed in Area" by the Valley News' Alex Hanson and an AP article "Bush Tells N.H. Why He Missed the GOP Forum."  The inside page photos show McCain speaking to a camera crew on the Dartmouth Green before the forum and two Keyes supporters talking before the forum, also on the Dartmouth Green.


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