"The Republicans: A New Hampshire Forum"
Thursday Dec. 2, 1999 at WMUR-TV's studio in Manchester, NH.  8:00-9:30 p.m. (EST). 

          "Confident Bush Takes No Risks In First Debate" (New York Times)

"Bush faces trial by fire in his debate debut" (USA Today)

"Candidates Peck at Bush in GOP Debate" (Los Angeles Times)

"Forbes jabs at Bush stances" (Union Leader--Manchester, NH)

"Republicans have at it" (Telegraph--Nashua, NH)

"Bush withstands jibes" (Concord Monitor--Concord, NH)

New York Times--Front page above-the-fold color photo and article.  The article, by the Times' Richard L. Berke, has the headline "Confident Bush Takes No Risks in First Debate" and the subhead "Shrugs Off Attacks and Cites His Tax Cutting."  The photo (w 6 5/16" x h 5 7/16") by Associated Press shows Bush and McCain talking before the debate and Bauer in the background.  There is a full page of debate coverage ("The Republican Debate: Questions of Status and Experience") on page A26 which has: the continuation of Berke's article ("Bush, Seeming Poised, Takes No Chances in First Debate"); a photo ( w 8 7/16" x h 4 3/4") by Elise Amendola of Bush speaking during the debate with Bauer and Forbes looking on; a color piece labeled "The Scene" and headlined "Rivals Vie for Advantage Even Before G.O.P Debate" by Frank Bruni; and, at the bottom of the page, Excerpts, consisting of one question and answer for each candidate.

USA Today--Article and photo at the bottom of the front page.  The lead article "Bush faces trial by fire in his debate debut" by USA Today's Judy Keen and Jill Lawrence, is a relatively short--three columns--set up piece.  The photo (w 3 1/2" x h 2 1/2") by Jim Cole, AP shows Bush talking to McCain and Bauer in the background; it is the same photo that appears in the New York Times.  Across the top third of page 4a is a more in-depth look at the debate by Lawrence and Keen headlined "Candidates take on variety of issues and each other" and a photo (w 6 3/16" x h 2 7/8") by Win McNamee, Reuters of the candidates in the group shot before the debate.  On the lower part of the page is Walter Shapiro's "Hype & Glory" column headlined "Who won last night?  The important thing is, Bush didn't lose."

Los Angeles Times--Front page photo and article; article continues on page A32 with photo.  In the top center of the front page is a color Reuters photo of the candidates milling about on the stage after the debate (w 5 7/16" x h 3 7/8"), brief highlighted quotes from McCain, Forbes and Bush, and the article "Candidates Peck at Bush in GOP Debate" by Times Political Writer Ronald Brownstein.  The article continues on page A32 "GOP: Bush Holds Steady as Rivals Go on Offense in First Full Debate" where it is accompanied by a Reuters medium wide group shot of the candidates standing together before the debate (w 5 7/8" x h 4").  At the end of the article is a box with "GOP Debate Excerpts" from Associated Press.

Union Leader (Manchester, NH)--Front page articles, photo and editorial.  The headline "Forbes jabs at Bush stances" runs all the way across the top of the front page.  Under that, filling the full top half of the front page, is: Editorial endorsing Forbes for president; photo by Bob LaPree/Union Leader showing McCain and his wife arriving for the debate; lead article by the Union Leader's John DiStaso; and color piece by the Union Leader's Carl Perreault "Thousands join debate out on the street."  Debate coverage continues on the back of the front section, page A20, filling the top half of the page.  In addition to the continuations of the editorial and articles is another DiStasio piece "Forbes 'immensely gratified' by endorsement."

Telegraph (Nashua, NH)--Front page article and photo.  The color photo, by The Associated Press, is a medium close up shot of Bush speaking while Forbes looks on.  Under the photo is an article by the Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan headlined "Republicans have at it" and marked with a "Primary 2000" graphic.  The article continues on page 13, below it is another article by Landrigan "Democrats make sport of Republicans before cameras start rolling" and an "Analysis" piece by Calvin Woodward, The Associated Press headlined "No outright lies in debate, but GOP hopefuls often misappropriate credit."

Concord Monitor (Concord, NH)--Two front page articles, two front page photos and a sidebar all under a header "The Republican Presidential Debate."  Dominating the top of the front page is the group shot of the six candidates before the debate, a Jim Cole/AP photo.  Under the headline "Bush withstands jibes" is: an article by the Monitor's Alec MacGillis "It's a jungle out in the crowd;" a photo by Robert F. Bukaty/AP showing sign waving supporters outside the studio, and an article "Debate ranges from Internet to taxation" by the Monitor's Sarah Koenig.  Finally down the left side, under a "Primary 2000" graphic, are short quotes from each candidate.  The two articles continue on the back of the front section, page A8; there is also a small inset "'Union Leader' backs Forbes."

Copyright 1999, 2000  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.