"CNN Election 2000 Special: The Arizona Republican Primary Debate"
Monday Dec. 6, 1999 at the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, AZ.  8:00-9:00 p.m. (ET). 

"Republican Candidates Gather for Courteous Debate" (New York Times)

"Genial GOP candidates get to question one another" (USA Today)

"Republican Debate Is Friendly" (Washington Post)

"Hopefuls take shots at Bush in Debate" (Washington Times)

New York Times--No front page mention; not mentioned in News Summary on page A2.  Article by the Times' Richard L. Berke appears on page A18 under the headline "Republican Candidates Gather for Courteous Debate" and with the subhead "Six Candidates Opt For Gentle Quizzing In Lieu of Attacks."  AP photo (w 6 5/16" x h 3 3/16") shows Forbes getting his microphone adjusted before the debate and Keyes in the background.

USA Today--Two lines in Newsline box on the front page refer the reader to page 13A.  Article across the top third of page 13A by USA Today's Judy Keen has the headline "Genial GOP candidates get to question one another" and the subhead "McCain uses satellite to join rivals in home-state debate."  Photo (w 5 5/16" x h 3 11/16") by Jeff Mitchell, AP shows Hatch, Keyes, Bush and Forbes after the debate.

Washington Post--Small front page article continues on page A6; no photos.  The article by the Post's David S. Broder, has the headline "Republican Debate Is Friendly" and the subhead "But Rivals Aim Barbs at Bush."  On page A6, in addition to the continuation from the front page ("GOP Hopefuls Friendly in Debate"), there is an "Analysis" piece by the Post's Dan Balz headlined "McCain Starts Defining Differences With Bush."

Washington Times--Front page article by the Times' Dave Boyer is headlined "Hopefuls take shots at Bush in Debate" and has the subhead "No blood drawn among candidates."  The article continues on page A12 under an AP photo, a wide shot, showing the five candidates standing at their podiums (w 6 5/16" x h 4")

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