A Day on the Trail with Dan Quayle

New Hampshire   June 16, 1999
Photos Copyright 1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.
                     Town Meeting in Deerfield
Kevin Chalbec, Rockingham County co-chair for the Quayle campaign [above, in the first photo on the ladder and in the seventh photo holding up the sign-up card] put in a lot of work to make the evening a success.  Invitations were sent out to 200-300 people.  Chalbec saw to it that there were quite a few Quayle signs along the road to Deerfield.  Chalbec, who is also treasurer of Rockingham County and chairman of the Deerfield Town Committee, described Quayle as "a conservative that can win."  "We know where Dan Quayle stands," he said.  Also in the photos are Chalbec's nephew Dennis Kimball and neice Shiannah Kimball.  Dan Fontaine [in the seventh photo, above, at right], campaign chair for Deerfield town, assisted Chalbec.  Ms. Cady [directly above right] helped with the food and clean up.