Bob Smith for President
"Chart the Right Course for America"
October 28, 1999
Smith Ends Presidential Bid
        (WASHINGTON, D.C.)-Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire announced today that he is ending his bid for the presidency.  He issued the following statement:

        "Effective today, I am ending my presidential campaign.  I have traveled all over the country for the last two years and have met thousands of fantastic people--farmers, business people, home schoolers, veterans and conservative activists--who share my deep concern for America's well being.  I can never begin to thank them for all of their loyalty and support.  I know this announcement will come as a disappointment to many people.  It certainly is a disappointment to me, but I am satisfied knowing my campaign has brought many conservative issues to the forefront of the presidential debate.

        "It has become impossible for me to  continue a credible run for the presidency without the necessary finances, as many who have already ended their presidential bids have also experienced.  I am pleased to report that, not only will my campaign finish in the black, but we have broken fund-raising records with respect to small dollar contributions. We have had tens of thousands of supporters whose average contribution is about $30.  That is the best indicator that there is a broad base of support throughout the country for my conservative agenda.

        "I am a United States Senator with over 3 years left in my current term.  I have a unique opportunity to continue to promote the best interests of my state and its people, and furthermore, to help make conservative policy the public policy of the United States of America.  I am particularly proud that, during the campaign, I was able to maintain a perfect attendance record in the Senate and that I met all of my state and constituent responsibilities.

        "I am proud of my campaign and proud of the people I have met across the country.  My wife, Mary Jo, and my three children, Jennifer, Bobby and Jason, were deeply involved in the campaign and feel  that it was an enriching and fulfilling experience for all of us.  We have absolutely no regrets."