American Values PAC

30- and 60-sec. TV spot ran in Iowa in a 12-day, $175,000 campaign starting Aug. 24, 1998.  

Alfano.Fremont-Smith, LLC

Ashcroft (Voice Over): The strength of America is in the spirit of America.  It's in the character of Americans. 

Announcer: Senator John Ashcroft. 

Ashcroft: Imagine a tax code in America which instead of attacking the family, supported values like marriage, work, charity, compassion.  Think of what families can do.  They could chart their own future.  They could develop their own destiny. That's the definition of freedom.  That's what makes America great. 

Announcer: If you agree with Senator Ashcroft that our tax code should reflect our values call toll free at: 1-877-VALUVOT (825-8868) and order a free copy of our plan. 

Alexander: Occasionally I hear people say, "America has peaked, our best days are over."  I reject that with every fiber of my body.  Americans have the innovation, the creativity, the industry, the character to be the world's best and our best days are yet to come. 

Announcer: Paid for by American Values PAC.