American Renewal 

"Broadcast News" 
30-sec. TV spot run in Iowa starting in early Sept. 1998. 

Brabender Cox

In a dark room, a TV is on.  The camera moves slowly, zooming out, while the audio has snippets of sound. 

Clinton: I did not have sex with that woman... 
Anchor: The FBI began testing a dress worn by Miss Lewinsky for... 
Anchor 2: Clinton could also be subject to perjury charges, obstruction of justice... 
Talk Show: Who cares if the President lied.  This is just about sex.  Everone lies about sex. 

Camera reveals children watching the television.
Cut to Gary Bauer. 

Bauer (On Camera): Mr. President, it's time for you to put our country and our children first.  It's time for you to resign.