"NH Speaks" 
30-min. live TV call-in show (paid) from Sept. 16, 1998 on New Hampshire station WMUR. Forbes did another one of these programs on April 21, 1998.

Steve Forbes did this live call-in program on the evening of Sept. 16, 1998 shortly after arriving in New Hampshire for a three-day visit.  David Breen hosted the show, and two of the AHGO-NH co-chairs, Bob Wynn and Patty Humphrey also participated.  More than a dozen New Hampshirites called in with questions on a broad range of subjects: U.S. troops under UN command, how to bring back integrity, the IMF, education reform, taxes, the threat posed by North Korea and China, and the role of the New Hampshire primary.  

These were not staged calls.  The first caller, Anthony from Manchester, asked Forbes to explain the seeming contradiction between his stand on abortion in 1996 and now.  Later, Nancy from Henniker, the executive director of Common Cause, called in to ask him about the cost of buying time for the program.   

The program also included a promo for the GOP Victory Rally Forbes had organized for Sept. 18 at Veteran's Park in Manchester as well as an AHGO ad.