John McCain for Senate  

"One-Man Crusade" 
60-sec. TV spot from October 1998.  There was also a Spanish version. 

Stevens Reed Curcio & Company

Male Announcer: He's been serving his country since he was 17, and his devotion to America has never wavered. 

John McCain believes that taxes and government must shrink so dreams can grow so American families can chart their own course and small business can create new opportunities. 

For his one-man crusade against wasteful spending in Washington, he's been called the sheriff. 

For John McCain our greatest duty is our national security.  He's the Senate's foremost leader in keeping America secure by keeping us strong to fight the forces that oppose freedom. 

But most of all John McCain worries about what kind of country we're leaving our children.  While others were afraid to act, he defied the special interests to protect children from the evils of Internet smut and the poison of tobacco. 

At a time when some leaders let us down, John McCain's a man we can believe and believe in. 

Senator John McCain.  The character to do what's right and the courage to fight for it.