Americans for Tax Reform

30 sec. TV spot run in NH starting Jan. 6, 2000. 

Dakota American Communications

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Male Announcer: We all know John McCain's inspiring personal story.

But, can we trust his political agenda?

McCain's top priority in Washington--nationalized campaign laws that muzzle conservative voices...making taxpayers pay for political campaigns.

Conservative leaders call McCain's political agenda

[SFX] "dangerous and reckless"  [David Keene, President American Conservative Union]

[SFX] "dishonest" [Tony Snow, conservative columnist]

[SFX] "tramples on the Constitution" [Manchester Union Leader]

And the real purpose: [SFX] "to throttle criticism of politicians" Providence Journal Bulletin

[Patriotic music]  Call Senator McCain.  Tell him that being a Washington politician doesn't give him the right to trample our rights.


Background: ATR spent $100,000 to run this ad and an earlier ad ("McCain Finance") on WMUR-TV in New Hampshire; that bought a total of 80 or 82 spots, generally run four times per night, twice on the local news and twice on "World News Tonight."