Citizens for Better Medicare

60 sec. TV spot  running late Jan. 2000 in NH.

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Woman: Look at all these letters.

Flo: Last year Congress started the debate.  How to make sure all seniors have prescription drug coverage so we can all afford our medicines.

And with the help of Citizens for Better Medicare, seniors are making their voices heard. 

Now this retiree writes: Whatever Congress does, please keep Medicare safe.

Woman: Same here Flo.

Flo: And other seniors worry that Washington might jeopardize their private drug coverage, leaving them only with a government run plan.  But the question I get the most is:

Chorus: What are you for Flo?

Flo: There are some new plans in Congress thanks to the national bipartisan Medicare commission.  Plans to help seniors who have private drug coverage to keep it and seniors who need it to get it.

Knowing we're all covered, that's peace of mind.  But we need to urge Washington to put politics aside and join hands for these bipartisan solutions.

Won't you make your voice heard through Citizens for Better Medicare.  Let's join hands.

Background: Citizens for Better Medicare's mission statement describes it as "a broad-based, bipartisan group representing the interests of patients, seniors, pharmaceutical research companies, doctors, caregivers, hospitals, employers, health care experts and many others concerned with the health of Americans and our Medicare system."  The Flo campaign drew criticism from President Clinton in Oct. 1999.  Citizens for Better Medicare launched a national wave of advertising on Jan. 17, 2000.