Iowa Corn Growers Association

60 sec. radio spot. run in Iowa in the days prior to the caucuses.

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Announcer: An open message to Vice President Al Gore from the Iowa Corn Growers Association.

Concern is mounting over environmental problems caused by MTBE, a petroleum fuel additive that competes with ethanol.  Recently MTBE has been detected in drinking water supplies from Maine to California.  And, as a result, California is asking to be exempted from the Clean Air Act's requirement for oxygenated fuels.  That would be a big mistake.  Waiving the clean air requirements for one state would trigger states nationwide to follow suit, destroying the intent of the Clean Air Act.

Mr. Vice President, you more than anyone know that environmental problems are not solved with short-sighted, politically motivated solutions.  Don't reward big oil for degrading out water resources.  Don't let 'em off the hook of their responsibility to keep our nation's air clean.  Don't let the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency get rid of the Clean Air Act.  Get rid of MTBE.  

The Iowa Corn Growers Association will accept no compromise when it comes to our environment.  Eliminating the oxygen net requirement for California is not the answer.  Using ethanol instead of MTBE is the answer.

This message paid for by the Iowa Corn Growers Association.