Iowans for Sensible Priorities

30 sec. TV spot run in Des Moines in Nov. 1999 (3 wks) and in NH in Nov. (1 wk) and Dec. 1999 (1 wk) and Jan. 2000 (4 wks).

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Paul Newman: Admiral, could you give me a thumbnail sketch of our nuclear arsenal.

Jack Shanahan: Paul, we have enough warheads in our arsenal to destroy every major city on the planet ten times over.

Paul Newman: Let's say we reduce that arsenal so that we could destroy every major city on the planet only four times over.

Jack Shanahan: We'd save fifteen billion dollars a year, every year.

Paul Newman: That could by a lot of education for a lot of kids.

Jack Shanahan: Invest in kids, not Pentagon waste.

Paul Newman: Let's get the candidates and politicians to talk about the real issues.  Call 1-877-IOWA-MOM.