30 sec. TV spot started airing in NH and on DC cable on Sept. 30, 1999.

Ratcliff Strategies

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Female Announcer [Bell ring SFX, music starts]: Nine Supreme Court justices and hundreds of federal judges--judges nominated by the President of the United States. 

Judges with the power to take away a woman's right to choose. 

So it's very important to know what George W. Bush would do if elected. 

Bush is anti-choice, and with this power he could take away a woman's right to choose.  [Bell ring SFX]

On choice, the stakes could not be higher.


Imagery:  This ad is built on a few still photos (the Supreme Court building, a gavel, the Supreme Court chamber, a gavel striking, a photo of Bush, Bush photo is transposed over a detail of the Supreme Court, NARAL logo).