South Carolina Citizens for Life PAC and National Right to Life PAC.

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Note: In addition to the three ads below, a fourth radio spot ran in SC starting Feb. 16, 2000.  That ad noted that "John McCain has made many conflicting statements about abortion in the presidential campaign and concluded, "So if you want a strong pro-life President, don't vote for John McCain.  Vote for George Bush."

--60 sec. radio spot run in SC starting Feb. 9, 2000--
"If You Don't Want Warren Rudman, Don't Vote for John McCain"

Narrator: The following message is brought to you by South Carolina Citizens for Life PAC and National Right to Life PAC.  Not authorized by any candidate.

Male voice: I read that John McCain said that if he is elected president, he might appoint his campaign chairman, Warren Rudman, to be Attorney General.

Female voice: Attorney General? That's a pretty important position, isn't it?

Male voice: It sure is.  The Attorney General is the cabinet officer who is usually the president's closest advisor on appointing Supreme Court judges.

Female voice: Well, who is this Warren Rudman?

Male voice: He was a Senator from New Hampshire who had a very pro-abortion voting record.  And you know what he wrote about the Christian conservative movement?

Female voice: What?

Male voice: He wrote that the Christian conservative movement includes, quote, "anti-abortion zealots" and bigots."  He also wrote that the Christian conservative movement would, quote, "discredit any party that is unwise to embrace such a group."

Female voice: I don't want someone like that helping pick Supreme Court judges!  I'm pro-life!

Male voice: Then don't vote for John McCain.

Female voice: I won't.  I'm voting for George Bush.

Male voice: Me too.

"..two pro-life voters discuss Rudman's pro-abortion views and his attacks on the role of pro-lifers and Christian conservatives in the political process.  They agree that they do not want Rudman as Attorney General, helping to pick Supreme Court justices."

--30 sec. radio spots run in SC starting Jan. 10, 2000--
"If This is South Carolina, I Must Be Pro-Life"

John McCain wants South Carolina voters to think he is pro-life.  But in California, he struck a different pose. 

Regarding the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion on demand, McCain told editors of the San Francisco Chronicle on August 19, quote, "Certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe versus Wade."

If you want a strongly pro-life president, then on February 19, don't support John McCain.

"McCain Flip Flop"

In 1992, Senator John McCain promised pro-life groups in Arizona that he would oppose federal funding of medical experimentation that uses the body parts of aborted babies. 

But within a few months, McCain flip flopped and voted to use taxpayer funds for just such experimentation.

If you are a voter who wants a strongly pro-life president, then on February 19, don't support John McCain.