People for the American Way

30 sec. TV spot run Oct. 30, 2000 on CNN in Washington, DC,  followed by Portland, OR, Madison, WI, and other selected markets added throughout the week. 

Laguens, Hamburger, Stone

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Male Announcer [Music]: Nine black robes: $945.

One wooden gavel: $14.

Forty years of influence over our freedoms: priceless.

George Bush's favorite justices, like him, oppose choice, gun control and strong environmental protections.

Al Gore favors justices who are pro-choice, support gun safety laws and environmental protections.

The next president could appoint three of the nine Supreme Court justices.

With our freedoms at stake, shouldn't you cast a vote that really counts.


Background: This ad was inspired by the Nader campaign's "Priceless" ad, which itself was a takeoff on a MasterCard ad campaign.