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"Republicans for Clean Air"

30 sec. TV spot run in NY in early March 2000, prior to the primary.

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Female Announcer: Last year, John McCain voted against solar and renewable energy.  That means more use of coal burning plants that pollute our air.  New York Republicans care about clean air.  So does Governor Bush.  He led one of the first states in America to clamp down on old coal-burning electric power plants.  Bush clean air laws will reduce air pollution more than a quarter million tons a year.  That's like taking five million cars off the road.  Governor Bush: Leading so each day dawns brighter.  

Background: The Sierra Club issued a press release on this ad on March 1 which stated, "The ad is littered with half-truths."  The Sierra Club's New York representative Susan Holmes said, "Praising George Bush on clean air is like thanking John Rocker for his contribution to civil rights.  The ad is an insult to New York Republicans who are smart enough to see past Bush's smoke and mirrors"  The ad prompted the McCain campaign to run a response radio ad "John Rocker."