Republican Leadership Council

"The Great Debate"
Series of three 30 sec. TV spots run in NH Oct. 22-27, 1999 in advance of the Oct. 27 WMUR/CNN Democratic town meeting at Dartmouth.

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Faux Moderator: Senator Bradley, Vice President Gore we want to make this debate interesting.  So let's emphasize your differences. 

You both voted to raise taxes.

You both want more government spending.

You both voted to give college grant money to prisoners.

So what are we going to debate?

Wait a minute, didn`t one of you guys invent the Internet?

Chyron: To be continued…


Republican Leadership Council

"The Great Debate II"
30 sec. TV spot.

Moderator: We'll be back with the Gore/Bradley debate in just one moment.

Stage Assistant: And clear.

Producer: George, this is a disaster.

Moderator: What am I supposed to do?  They agree on everything--raising taxes, more money for government programs, blowing the budget surplus…tax and spend…spend and tax…

Producer: I know…I know…but you gotta find something they disagree on.

Moderator: Wait a minute.  Gore once proposed eliminating all gas powered cars and trucks.

Producer: That's good.  That's good.  Go with that.  Go with that.


Republican Leadership Council

"The Great Debate III"
30 sec. TV spot.

Moderator: And that concludes our debate.

Stage Assistant: Clear.

Producer: Yeah debate.  You call that a debate.

Moderator: Tell me about it.  All they talked about was how much money they want to spend on new government programs.

Producer: They are the tax and spend twins.  Where do they think the money comes from?  Billions for this…billions for that.

Moderator: You're a rich guy.  You can afford it.

Producer: My wife already works - maybe I can get my son to kick in his allowance.

Announcer: Who spends more?  That's the only debate between Bradley and Gore.