Republican Leadership Council

30 sec. TV spot run in Iowa, NH and DC starting Nov. 15, 1999.

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Woman talking to the camera: When Steve Forbes ran for President last time, I kind of liked him.  But then he spent all his money tearing down his opponents.  He hurt the Republican Party.  After the election, Forbes admitted he "spent too much time discussing the record of his opponents." (Columbus Dispatch 2/18/99)  But now, I see he just might start in again with those negative ads. (Washington Post 11/12/99, 10/04/99)  That's just going to help the Democrats.  Someone needs to tell Steve Forbes that if he doesn't have anything nice to say - don't say anything at all.  

Background: This ad prompted a response from the Forbes campaign.
"Positive" (latter part of Nov. 1999)
Female Announcer: George W. Bush says he wants a positive campaign.  Then why are Bush's liberal supporters running this negative ad attacking Steve Forbes.

That's right.  Bush supporters are using massive corporate contributions to run this negative ad to benefit--George W. Bush.

Even John McCain requested they stop, saying, "It appears you have violated federal election law."

If George W. Bush really opposes negative ads, shouldn't he tell his supporters to stop attacking Steve Forbes?