Sierra Club

"Just Say Please"
60 sec. radio spot, run in Nevada June 1, 2000, coinciding with a Bush visit to the state.

Haddow Communications

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George Bush has a plan to clean up the air and water: Just ask the polluters to stop.

Problem is, that hasn't worked in Texas.  For the last four years, George Bush has been asking power plants to voluntarily clean up their act.

Today, Environmental Protection Agency's latest data shows Texas leads the nation in industrial toxic air pollution and Houston has surpassed Los Angeles as America's smoggiest city.

And toxic water pollution in Texas has increased.

Truth is, the air and water are cleaner in many places only because of tough laws like the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.  But George Bush has worked to weaken water quality standards for Texas' lakes and lobbied Congress to weaken the Clean Air Act.

Truth is, just saying please hasn't curbed pollution in Texas-- or anywhere else.

Call George W. Bush at 512-463-2000.  Tell him to oppose legislation in Congress that weakens penalties for clean air and water violators.  For our families, for our future.  Paid for by Sierra Club