Sierra Club

"Texas Testimonials"
30 sec. TV spot run in St. Louis, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Lansing starting the week of May 22, 2000 and in Ohio the next week.

Haddow Communications

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Ed Parten (voiceover): All of our lakes -- all have water quality problems...
Female Announcer:  Texas leads the nation in the number of factories violating clean water standards. 
Tamara Maschino (voiceover): We have too many children on breathing machines, too many people with asthma...
Female Announcer: Texas has the most industrial air pollution in the nation.
Tamara Maschino: We're in a crisis situation.

Ed Parten (voiceover): We've contacted George Bush's office and he has the attitude he's not interested.

Female Announcer: Call George Bush.  Tell him to oppose legislation in Congress that weakens penalties for clean air and water violators.  For our families, for our future.