Sierra Club

"Texas Record"
30 sec. TV spot run in NH for about a week at the beginning of Jan. 2000.

Haddow Communications

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Female Announcer [Music]: Texas leads the nation in cancer-causing and toxic chemicals released into the environment, in hazardous waste, in the number of factories violating clean water standards.

And while federal laws are forcing states to clean up their air and water, Texas lags far behind.

And even though Texas has over 400,000 kids with asthma, like William Tinker, Governor George Bush has proposed weakening the Clean Air Act.

Call George Bush.  Tell him to clean up Texas's air and water. 

For our families and for William Tinker's future.


Imagery:  Shades of Boston Harbor, 1988.  This ad has a lot of clips of waste water pouring out of pipes and smoke stacks spewing smoke. The stark image of the child in the mask causes one to wonder, "Is this kid really in the United States or is he perhaps in Chernobyl?"  Each of the claims made is documented on screen.