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60 sec. radio spot, run in NH starting Dec. 13, 1999.

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The Houston Chronicle reported that Houston, Texas is the American city with the dirtiest air.  A study by City of Houston blamed air pollution for causing 435 premature deaths and more than eleven hundred new cases of chronic bronchitis a year.

And Houston is not an isolated case--Texas leads the nation in air and toxic pollution.  According to the San Antonio Express-News, "Most Texas cities...face federal sanction for violating clean air standards."

Fact is, in the four years George W. Bush has been governor, the number of smog alert days in the state's major cities increased dramatically, the health of more kids has been put at risk, and 11-year-old Billy Tinker's asthma got worse.

Call George W. Bush at 512 463-2000.  Tell him it's time to clear the air--for our families, for Billy Tinker's future.