Shape the Debate

30 sec. TV spot run in CA, NY starting March 28, 2000.

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[Music, applause] Host: Welcome to Hypocrisy...Contestants, are you ready?

Female Contestant: Political Hypocrites for 200.

["Ding" SFX] Host: He says he supports campaign finance reform, but held an illegal fundraiser at a Buddhist Temple..

[Bell SFX] Female Contestant: Who is Al Gore?

Host: Correct!

Female Contestant: Political Hypocrites for 400.

["Ding" SFX] Host: He promisd never to cut Medicare expenses, but cast the deciding vote to cut Medicare by $55 billion dollars...

[Bell SFX] Male Contestant: Who is Al Gore?

Male Contestant: Political Hypocrites for 600.

["Ding" SFX] Host: He crusades against tobacco, but he grew it and sold it on his very own farm...

[Bell SFX] Male Contestant 2: Who is Al Gore?

Host: Al Gore has a lot to explain...[Music, applause] That's Hypocrisy.  Bye, bye!


Background: According to its mission statement, the newly launched Shape the Debate "will use provocative television ads to promote a generally conservative and free enterprise point of view."  Further, it will use "stinging ads of rebuke, where appropriate, or gentle praise to remind leading candidates and public officials to honestly discuss our issues..."