Alexander for President, Inc.

"Auction" Version #2
30 sec. TV spot run in Iowa, July 1999 in advance of the Straw Poll.

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Faux Reporter: This just in: the Iowa caucuses have been cancelled.  An auction is underway on the White House lawn. 

Faux Auctioneer: Twenty-five, now thirty, now thirty-five, forty million bid here, now forty-five, now fifty, fifty million bid.  Fifty million going once...

Faux Reporter: The nomination is going to the bidder with the most cash.

Faux Auctioneer: ..fifty million going twice.  Sold for fifty million dollars. [crowd cheers]

[Music] Lamar Alexander: I'm Lamar Alexander.  The presidency ought to be about raising children and farm prices and standards, not just raising money.  I've been all over Iowa, because the presidency is too important to be bought or inherited.  It ought to be earned.


Analysis: This ad attempts to use humor to make the point. It was the only TV spot aired by the Alexander campaign