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"Daisy II"

"Aretino Industries"
described as a  nonprofit organization based in McAllen, TX

TV spot from Oct. 27, 2000.

The Meridian Group

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Under Republican leadership and vision, the Cold War was ended, securing our children from the threat of a nuclear confrontation. 

Now under eight years of Clinton/Gore, our security has been sold to Communist Red China in exchange for campaign contributions. 

Red China was given access and sold vital technology that will give China the ability to threaten our homes with long-range nuclear warheads. 

If they are capable of selling our children’s security, what else are they capable of?

Can we really afford to take that chance?

Background: This ad, a cheap imitation of the famous "Daisy" commercial from 1964, was a smash media success despite what appears to have been a minimal buy.  Numerous articles were written about "Daisy II," usually quoting various Democrats crying foul.  The ad was pulled.