Bauer for President 2000, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot.

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[Music]Gary Bauer's Mom:  I'm so proud of my son Gary.  He's running for president.

Gary Bauer:  My mom can tell you that I've never forgotten the values I learned growing up here in Newport, Kentucky.

That's why I've proposed a lower 16 percent flat tax that's fairer to working families,

Why I think patients should have the right to sue their HMO if mistreated,

And understand that Social Security must be saved for my mother's generation and future generations.

Gary Bauer's Mom (gesturing): And if you ever do forget--

Gary Bauer:  I know, Mom, I know.

Male Announcer: Gary Bauer for President.


Imagery: Gary Bauer and his mother seated on a couch in her living room.  Main Street of Newport, Kentucky, Newport sign.  Scenes of people at work--a mailman, a shop, a construction site, dry cleaner.  Woman in hospital bed, doctors in operating room.  Senior going down steps, a family.  Bauer and mother on couch.  Closes with graphic.

Analysis: The interplay between Bauer and his mom gives this ad a nice light touch.  Bauer touches on several of his policy proposals in general terms.