Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

"Tell People"
30 sec. TV spot run in NH starting Jan. 14,  2000.

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Bill Bradley: No soft money.  That means public financing of all elections.

Banning all Saturday night specials.  Registration and licensing of all handguns.

Increase the number of people with health insurance in America, decrease the number of children in poverty in America, and move our collective humanity a few feet forward.

I believe what I've just told you.

This campaign is being run under the radical premise that you can go out and tell people what you believe--and win.

On the Screen: It Can Happen.   Bill Bradley for President
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Background: This ad features footage from a town meeting Bradley held in Warner, NH on Dec. 29.

Imagery: Medium shot of Bradley talking; one does not see the audience.  Opens with a text screen "No Soft Money" and has several more text screens-- "Ban Saturday Night Specials," "Health Care," "I Believe," and the closing "It Can Happen."