Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

Register endorsement
30 sec. TV spot run in Iowa starting Jan. 23,  2000.

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Female Announcer: The Des Moines Register endorses Bill Bradley for President.  The Register says: 

Male Announcer: Bradley's vision is compelling...  There is a fundamental decency about him that would bode well for healing the festering partisan wounds that have produced virtual stalemate in our national government.  Of the two candidates for the Democratic nomination, Bill Bradley has the better appreciation of the possibilities and the right kind of leadership to realize them."

Female Announcer: Monday, caucus for the man with a compelling vision and fundamental decency.  Bill Bradley for President, endorsed by the Des Moines Register.


Analysis: Do endorsements matter?   The Register is the biggest paper by far in Iowa, reaching all over the state, and its endorsement came the day before the caucuses.  Few other Iowa papers made an endorsement in the Jan. 24 caucuses.