Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

Niki Tsongas
30 sec. TV spot run in NH starting Jan. 25,  2000.

Crystal Team

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Niki Tsongas: Hello, I'm Niki Tsongas. 

Like my husband Paul, Bill Bradley is a passionate supporter of working people, and he too is challenging us with bold vision for America. 

But what disappoints me now is -- just as with Paul -- Bill's record is being distorted. 

But we don't have to listen to the distortions.  On February 1, let's tell the rest of the nation it's time for truth, it's time for courage, it's time for Bill Bradley. 

Thank you.


Analysis: This ad features the widow of former Sen. Paul Tsongas, the winner of the 1992 New Hampshire Democratic primary.  Without mentioning Gore, she hits at the campaign Gore is running by comparing it to Clinton's 1992 campaign.