Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot from March 2000 (for Super Tuesday contests).

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[Chants of "Bradley.  Bradley."]  Female Voice: I have season tickets...

Bill Bradley: I think everybody in America oughta have access to quality healthcare.  That's the basic thing we can do at this time.  We got enough money to do it, we ought to do it now.

Voice: Good luck Bill.  Bill Bradley: Thank you very much.  Voice: Bring it home.

Bill Bradley: My attitude toward this issue of gun control is that if anybody's going to be gun shy, it's gonna be the NRA, not me, because I'm going after this issue and we're gonna get registration and licensing of all handguns.  

It's a big issue. 


Analysis: One of four black-and-white ads run before the March 7 Mega-Tuesday contests.   Handheld camera, music and wild sound made these ads quite hip; they might even work as music videos.  This particular ad looked like two 15-second ads stuck together.