Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot from March 2000 (for Super Tuesday contests).

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[Music; chants of Bradley, Bradley] Bill Bradley (voice over): The politics of Washington now is the politics of special interests and money.  We have to liberate our government from the encrusted control of special interests.  I got into this race to get big money out of politics.

[Chants of "Bradley, Bradley" up, then stop.  Male Voice: Senator Bradley.  Bill Bradley: Hello.  Male Voice: Go get 'em Bill. 

Bill Bradley: Why are you for me?  Male Voice: Because you're for the people; you're not for the lobbyists.  Bill Bradley: That's right.  Thank you.  Male Voice: Senator, good luck.  Bill Bradley: Thank you.  Male Voice: Good luck sir.  Female Voice: Good luck to you sir.]


Analysis: One of four black-and-white ads run before the March 7 Mega-Tuesday contests.   Handheld camera, music and wild sound made these ads quite hip; they might even work as music videos.