Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot from March 2000 (for Super Tuesday contests).

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[Music; chants of Bradley, Bradley] Bill Bradley (voice over): We're the greatest country in the world at the moment of our greatest prosperity.  And yet we still have a healthcare system in distress. 

[Wild Sound: Male Voice: Senator Bradley.  Bill Bradley: Hello.]

Bill Bradley (voice over): As President, my objective would be to make sure all Americans had healthcare.  Just think how much better we'd be if everybody had good healthcare.

[Wild Sound: Man: What's up man.  Bill Bradley: You.  Man: All right. Bill Bradley: Good to see you; thanks.  Man: Before you become president I just want to shake your hand. 

Bill Bradley: Thanks, I need your help.  Male Voice: You got mine man, you got mine.]


Analysis: One of four black-and-white ads run before the March 7 Mega-Tuesday contests.   Handheld camera, music and wild sound made these ads quite hip; they might even work as music videos.