Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

60 sec. TV spot running in Iowa and NH starting Nov. 24, 1999.

Crystal Team

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On Screen: Someone Who Listens. 

Maureen Drumm: I really believe that thanks to Senator Bradley my third daughter is alive today -- because he took the time to care. 

Bill Bradley: She was actually afraid that the child would die because she would be pushed out of the hospital in 24 hours or less. 

Christopher Drumm: The insurance companies had instituted a policy of 24 hours post-partum care. 

Maureen Drumm: I wanted to ensure that I was guaranteed that I would be in the hospital long enough that she wouldn't be experiencing the problems that my first child experienced. So I said to my husband, "I'm going to call Senator Bradley." 

Bill Bradley: So I said, "That's not going to happen to another woman in this country if I have my way." 

Maureen Drumm: Within 24 hours we were in Senator Bradley's office and meeting with Senator Bradley. 

Bill Bradley:  I knew the people were on my side, so even if the insurance companies and HMO's were against me, that we could win. 48 hours should be a minimum. Introduced a bill. Passed a law. Made 48 hours a minimum. 

Maureen Drumm: That's the type of man I want in the White House. 

On Screen: It Can Happen. 


Analysis: This ad develops in further detail the story of Maureen Drumm that Bradley's first spot briefly touched on.  The legislation Bradley refers to, The Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act, was signed into law in September 1996.  After Maureen Drumm's broad statement in the campaign's first spot  ("Thanks to Senator Bradley, my daughter is alive today.") provoked a mini-controversy, the campaign could have easily have moved onto other subjects.  Instead it decided this subject merited a full minute.  The campaign noted the ad was filmed in October. 

Alternating statements from Drumm and Bradley form a sort of conversation from which the title of the ad may be taken.  The ad portrays Bradley as someone who cares and can get things done.