Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

"Sioux City Town Hall"
30 sec. TV spot run in Iowa starting Dec. 7, 1999.

Crystal Team

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Young woman: I'm wondering if you could tell us in simple terms what your health plan will do for us.

Bill Bradley: Assure that every child in America is covered with health insurance;

Give every adult acces of affordable health insurance;

Tax relief to pay the premiums for the health insurance;

Make health insurance portable so you can carry it from job to job; 

Provide senior citizens with access to life-saving drugs;

And finally, put doctors back in charge of the clinical decisions, and not distant bureaucrats.

On Screen: Quality health care for everyone.  It Can Happen.

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Analysis: Admirable goals, but who pays?  The campaign did note in a release that this ad and the companion ad for Iowa were supplemented by three "Internet ads" on its web site and that background information on the Bradley health care plan and testimonials from health care experts and advocates could also be found on its web site.  Also on a positive note, these ads are pretty straightfoward--it's the candidate outlining his proposal without the need for elaborate editing or added music or stock footage of hospitals, medicine bottles and such.