Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

"Reports "
60 sec. radio spot started running in NH on Jan. 25, 2000.

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Female Announcer: How can you tell who has the best health care plan for you and your family?

Male Announcer: Ask someone you trust: the Consumers Union, publishers of Consumer Reports.

Female Announcer: They evaluated the health care plans of the Democratic candidates for President.  And in seven out of eight categories, Bill Bradley's was preferable.

Male Announcer: Bill Bradley's plan:

Female Announcer: Real progress to insure all children.

Male Announcer: On Medicare prescription drugs:

Female Announcer: The Bradley plan offers a deeper coverage for those most in need.

Male Announcer: And Senator Bradley's plan takes a big step by assuring that everyone will have access to coverage.

Female Announcer: That's why these proposals inBill Bradley's plan were rated preferable by Consumers Union.

Male Announcer: Hardworking families deserve the kind of help Bradley's plan provides.

Bill Bradley: If you are that hard working middle class family, you are just a couple of paychecks away from having serious economic problems and of losing your health insurance.  And these are real concerns of real people, and they have to be addressed.

Female Announcer: Go to the Consumers Union website for a copy of their report at consumersunion.org.

Male Announcer: Paid for by Bill Bradley for President.