Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

"Country "
60 sec. radio spot started running in NH on Jan. 27, 2000.

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Male Announcer: The Berlin Reporter.  The Nashua Telegraph.  And the Valley News.

Female Announcer: All endorse Bill Bradley for President.

Male Announcer: The Valley News says:

Female Announcer: "Bill Bradley has a health care plan for insuring all children...He deserves the support of New Hampshire's Democratic voters."

Male Announcer: The Nashua Telegraph says:

Female Announcer: "Bradley will tackle campaign finance reform...And Bradley has recommended the registration of all handguns...Few other candidates would be so bold." 

Male Announcer: The Berlin Reporter says:

Female Announcer: "We see Bradley as the superior man in the oval office in time of crisis.  He might prove to have the backbone and ability of a Harry Truman.  As we think about the future, we feel far more comfortable with Bill Bradley."

Male Announcer: And the Nashua Telegraph says:

Female Announcer: "Bradley truly wants to change business as usual and the status quo.  Bradley's candidacy and message are good for New Hampshire and America..He deserves to be heard in more states."

Male Announcer: You can make it happen.  On February 1st: Bill Bradley for President.

Bill Bradley: Paid for by Bill Bradley for President.