Bill Bradley for President, Inc.

60 sec. radio spot started running in WA on Feb. 26, 2000.

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Marcy Bloom: I'm Marcy Bloom, the Executive Director of Arcadia Women's Health Center in Seattle, the oldest women's health center in the Northwest.  Al Gore's radio ad features Kristina Kiehl, telling us who to vote for in this election.  I don't know Kristina Kiehl, but I do believe I know what the women of our community need.  We need a president with an unwavering and consistent commitment to a women's right to choose a safe, legal abortion.

That's why I support Bill Bradley for President.

Bill Bradley's always been there for women, for twenty years--for pro-choice judges, and for clinic protection so that people like us can do our work free of violence and harassment.  Al Gore may be pro-choice now, but on this issue, I believe consistency matters.  What you believe matters.

Bill Bradley's strength on the issue of choice makes him the best candidate--really, the only candidate--for women in Washington State.  Bill Bradley is for us.

Bill Bradley: Paid for by Bill Bradley for President.


Background: Response to Gore ad "Kristina Kiehl."