Harry Browne for President Committee

60 sec. TV spot released July 2, 2000 at the Libertarian National Convention. 


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[Music]. CG: "The Warning Signs"

Woman (voice over and on camera): First, he made me feel special.  He promised he'd look after me.  Provide for my future.  He broke every promise he made.

CG: "Millions of Americans Afflicted"

I was ready to leave, but he told me he'd change.  So I gave him another chance.  I was such a fool.

CG: "The Consequences"

Things only got worse.  He started making my decisions for me--about my job, my kids' education, my money, my safety, my future.  He took away my choices.  They all did.  But I kept going back to the same--politicians.

CG: "The Diagnosis"

I fell for the same old lies.  [SFX]

CG: "Battered Voter Syndrome"

They were just playing with my emotions.  Telling me what I wanted to hear.  That's not right.

Then I realized that I have the power and there is an alternative.

Male Announcer: Stop the cycle of political abuse.  Vote Libertarian.  Vote Harry Browne for President.