Harry Browne for President Committee

60 sec. TV spot released July 2, 2000 at the Libertarian National Convention. 


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[Boom SFX] Male Announcer: This is federally funded education.

[Boom SFX] This is federal housing for the poor.

[Boom SFX] This is federal law enforcement.

[Boom SFX] This is the federal government's war on drugs.

The more the politicians interfere, the worse the problems get.

The alternative?  Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne.

[Music] Harry Browne: If elected, I will obey the Constitution.  I'll get the government out of all these areas where its caused so much damage and let you run your life instead of the politicians.  Of course the politicians will howl.  They'll do anything to save their pet programs.  They'll tell you the Constitution doesn't mean what it says. 

They say I go too far.  They even say I want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  But they just don't understand.  It's Rosemary's baby.

Female Announcer: Call now to receive this free packet of information or visit HarryBrowne.org. [Bell SFX] Harry Browne for President.