Harry Browne for President Committee

60 sec. TV spot Oct. 2000.


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[Music]Male Announcer: What do you think of the war on drugs?

Man One: I think the war on drugs is a sham.
Man Two: It's a joke.
Man Three: It's a failure.
Man Four: I think it's ineffective;  I think it's hypocritical.
Woman: It's been  going on forever and it's a lost cause.
Man Five: People are being imprisoned.  Good people, peaceful people--it just makes no sense at all.

Harry Browne [clip from speech]: People are coming to recognize if nothing else that this drug war is an enormous disaster, and yet Al Gore and George Bush believe that if we put these young people in prison for 10 [SFX], 20 [SFX], 30 [SFX] years without parole [SFX] they will somehow be better people.  As though Al Gore and George Bush would be better people today if for their youthful indiscretions they had served [SFX] 10 years in prison [applause].

Male Announcer: Vote to end the war on drugs; vote for Harry Browne.


Background: This ad was run on Oct. 27, 2000 on the Paramount UPN network sci-fi program "Freedom" and on CNN in subsequent days.  According to the Libertarian Party the UPN airing marked "the first anti-Drug War ad ever run on national TV" and "the first time in 20 years that the LP has been able to purchase national ads on a broadcast (i.e. non-cable) television network."