Harry Browne for President Committee Advertising

"Busted" (Oct. 2000)

These 4 ads were unveiled on July 2, 2000 at the Libertarian National Convention..  "Breakfast," an ad on Social Security, was the first to be aired, running on a number of cable channels from July 27-Aug. 5.  Another significant buy of "Breakfast" ran on MSNBC from Aug. 24-27.  In September, the campaign ran "Building," an ad on the income tax, and "Breakfast" on CNN Headline News and Discovery Channel.  By Sept. 22 the campaign reported it had spent $65,374 to run the ad and that the Libertarian National Committee had spent $113,000 for a total of $178,374.  This amount purchased 34.2 million impressions at a cost per impression of 52 cents each.