Buchanan/Foster 2000

"Rally in Detroit"
60 sec. radio spot run in Michigan Sept. 14-18, 2000.

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Announcer: America is in an economic boom.  So why are you working more hours than ever?  Why does your salary buy less and less?  Why does providing for your family mean that you never see them?

Youíve been sold out.  The global economy demands cheap labor and you canít compete.

Your Unions opposed NAFTA and the trade deal with China.  Both Bush and Gore supported it.  And, Bush and Gore support high levels of immigration which keep American wages low.  Because, Bush and Gore donít answer to workers - they answer to corporate interests.

Where can workers turn when Washington has sold them out?  Turn to Pat Buchanan.  Only Buchanan supports Economic Patriotism - a policy that puts American jobs first, and the American economy ahead of globalization.

Vote for the Third Party that puts Americans First.  Vote Pat Buchanan for President.

Pat Buchanan: Hello, this is Pat Buchanan, and Iím coming to Detroit to talk to you in person about my policy to protect American jobs, and what that policy means for workers.  Meet me at the Detroit (Name of location for speech) Tuesday, the 19th at seven p.m.

Announcer: Paid for by: Buchanan/Foster