Buchanan/Foster 2000

"Candice Miller"
60 sec. radio spot run in Michigan starting mid-Sept. 2000.

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Pat Buchanan:  Hi, Iím Pat Buchanan and I want to talk to you about political corruption in Michigan. 

Even though I am the nominee of the Reform Party, Secretary of State Candice Miller refuses to put my name on the Michigan ballot.  Ms. Miller is cheating you of your right to vote for a third party candidate. 

And who is Candice Miller?  She is a co-chair of the Bush campaign and this same rotten tactic was used to keep John McCain off the ballot in New York. 

Friends I urge you, call Ms. Millerís office in Lansing and tell her this:  The voters of Michigan, not some Bush political operative should decide whom they want as President of the United States.  The people of Michigan believe in a fair fight not in a politics of cowardice that ducks debates and denies rivals even the right to be heard.

Female voice over:  Paid for by Buchanan-Foster.  Meet Pat in Warren, Tuesday September 19 at 7:00 pm.  For more information call 1800-GO PAT GO.