Buchanan/Foster 2000

"Abortion Pill"
60 sec. radio spot.

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Pat Buchanan: Hi, this is Pat Buchanan.

The FDA has just approved RU 486, a pill designed to kill unborn children in the womb.

Friends, this pill is a human insecticide; it is anti-child and anti-women.  Only a society in the grip of a culture of death would legalize such a drug.

Governor Bush says he is disappointed with the decision; I am appalled by it.  Here in God's country, we are marketing pills not to save lives, but to kill babies.  It is time to join together to end this culture of death in all its forms--from casual killing drugs like RU 486 to the horror of partial birth abortion.  It's time for a Third Party, that puts families first.

Female Announcer:  On Election Day send a message to the two parties that have abandoned us.  Vote Buchanan for President and help us build a third party that puts faith and family first.  To help call 1-800 GO PAT GO.    That's 1-800 GO PAT GO.  Paid for by Buchanan-Foster.